Relaxing Massage 

30 minutes £33     40 minutes £41         60 minutes £55   90 minutes £70

Classic Swedish massage, to improve circulation, ease muscular strain, reduce emotional and physical stress

Deep Tissue Massage 

30 minutes £36   40 minutes £43         60 minutes £60   90 minutes £75

A deeper treatment using trigger point techniques and firm pressure, to help with chronic pain, ease out knots and release tension.


30 minutes £36     40 minutes £43         60 minutes £60   90 minutes £75

Relax, de stress or feel uplifted thanks to the benefits of special essential oils blends. Good for your body, mind and soul.

Lymphatic drainage massage 

 30 minutes £33        40 minutes £41      60 minutes £55                      90 minutes £70

Also known as MLD, manual lymphatic drainage massage can address water retention, known as lymph oedema, cellulite and puffiness, it also has great detoxifying qualities and can boost the immune system thanks to the activation of lymphatic glands.

Pregnancy massage 

30 minutes £33         40 minutes £41      60 minutes £55   90 minutes £70

Pampering ,relaxing and effective, helps with back and leg aches during this special time, improving circulation and water retention.



Holy fire Reiki: a noticeably refined healing energy, it connects directly with a high level of consciousness. A powerful and gentle Reiki energy for deep personal cleansing, empowerment and mental clarity together with deep relaxation.

60 minutes £55

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