Monuskin Facials

Hydralift Collagen Facial 

1 hour     £ 65

Revitalise, energise and hydrate your skin with the deeply nourishing collagen facial. Effectively reduces the signs of ageing thanks to the use of freeze dried collagen, this treatment delivers an instant boost of hydration to rapidly increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Wrinkle depth is reduced and fine lines are smoothed for a refreshingly younger look. 

Pro Radiance Plus 

1 hour     £65

This luxury treatment is ideal for those wishing to treat dry, dehydrated or prematurely aged skin with an additional boost of vitamin C. Providing an instant and concentrated hydration to face and neck, Vitamin C will help to brighten the facial contours, restore optimum hydration levels to reveal a healthy, youthful glowing complexion.

Prescription facial

30 minutes £38   60 minutes £65                   90 minutes £95   15 minutes extraction £18  

Natural active vegan skincare brand Monuskin, tailored facial to address all skin types .Different products used depending on skin needs . Double cleanse , manual extractions to effectively remove pores congestion, blackheads and whiteheads. A gentle exfoliation followed by high frequency to tighten pores, fight blemishes and stimulate collagen production. Following a manual lifting massage and acupressure points stimulation, after this a hydrating and soothing mask or a deep cleansing mask will be applied while a scalp massage will be performed to relieve tension and make you float in deep relaxation.


Bio Eye Tech

£35       30 minutes 

This anti-ageing eye treatment uses freeze dried collagen patches which are especially  suited to clients who suffer from dry, creepy skin around the eyes. The collagen patches will help to fight dark circles and puffiness, while specific lymphatic drainage massage techniques will help improve circulation and revitalise the eye area .

Mccosmetics NY Meso Peel

30 minutes £48

Mccosmetics NY Meso peel is a professional chemical peeling system based on modern research, aimed at rejuvenating the skin and making it glowing, bright and soft. Chemical peel treatments can treat: fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, oily skin and dry skin . Recommended a course from 4 to 6 every 21 days as an intensive boost to skin, and maintenance once a month for flawless complexion.

Salicilyc acid 10%:


The active component of Salicylic is a keratolitic beta hydroxyacid which enhances the epidermis and renews the skin.


It improves the look of pro-acneic skins, clear spots, revitalizes and illuminates aged skins.

Recommend for:
All skin types, Pre- Treatment/ Pre- Peeling.

Beta Hydroxy Acid, buffered acid.

Mandelic acid 45%:


Suitable for ageing skin, wrinkles and spots, the active ingredients of mandelic acid break the intra-cellular links, stimulate collagen synthesis and activate cell regeneration.They form a bacteriostatic action that normalises stained, oily and acneic skins. Inhibit the synthesis of melanin and help to renew damaged skins by the sun. The mandelic acid is suitable for sensitive and dark skin.

Recommend for:
Blemishes, Ageing skin, Hyperpigmentation, Oily skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid extracted from almonds.

Magic Champagne anti-aging:


Magic Champagne contains active ingredients which provide an intensive, anti-ageing treatment with an immediate effect. They stimulate the organism defense mechanisms to combat effectively the factors that accelerate skin ageing.

During the treatment sessions the skin becomes visibly younger, smooth and uniform. Wrinkles and fine lines fade, reducing skin imperfections. The result is a rejuvenated, glowing skin.

Recommend for:
All skin types.

Antiaging, mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

Firming acid:

Recommended for: Wrinkles and sagging skin.
Function: Alpha hydroxy acid cocktail extracted from fermented milk and dimethyl MEA.

Effects: With anti-oxidant properties, for a moisturising and rejuvenating treatment, results are an excellent lifting effect. pH 4.

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